Leanne Callon is a knitwear & textile designer based in London, after graduating from a master’s degree at London College of Fashion in February 2018. Her most recent collection, Informal Arrangements, focuses on the processes, development and construction techniques that make up a garment- it is as much about the garments standing alone and being objects of desire and beauty as it is about them being functional pieces.

Leanne strives to create an emotional response by focusing on details, ensuring that her understanding of craft and construction is visible through the pieces she creates. Having always been intrigued by the choices people make in selecting possessions to display and procure, this collection looks at domestic spaces and the relationship between various materials placed in conjunction with others.

The motto of this collection is, ‘The Far Reaches of Possibility,’ referring to the sustainable iterations of garments, but also the potential of found fabrics that you wouldn’t expect to be used in clothing. Selected garments can be disassembled, anchored and reconstructed in various ways, allowing the wearer to be creative and re-invent the garment, increasing longevity through styling and reinvention capabilities.

Leanne’s photographic series narrates the desire to arrange oneself uniquely; contextually redefining garments in a way to better show intricate details and versatility, drawing parallels between taste, clothing and the body.

‘An individual statement exists because of how we assign personal value to things’ - Mark Borthwick

'I live for the thrill of opening a portfolio and being amazed, feeling the goose bumps, feeling the smile on my face grow bigger and bigger. Then gently caressing the pages knowing I've stepped into a special world. You allowed me this experience.' - Barbara Franchin
Founder & Director ITS

© 2018 by Leanne Callon.