Leanne's BA collection, Beyond Borders explores landscapes and geological formations present in aerial photography originating from war. Influenced by motifs of military wear and disruptions in surface, she took inspiration from strong graphic patterns present in her research and used this to design, inform and create her own textiles.

Fascinated by the rich potential of knit, the stitch techniques she uses to form her fabrics, act as the groundwork to her designs. The monochromatic palette in this collection emphasises the visual and tactile quality of the fabric surfaces and effectively communicates her point of reference. The use of cord and elastic to map restrictions to the body draws on measures of freedom and defiance of uniformity. By referencing dominantly masculine motifs to inform women’s wear, this collection consists of boxy silhouettes with strong angular lines, softened with the organic smoothness of knit.


© 2018 by Leanne Callon.